Project maps Wisconsin’s economic history

A grant from the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program has facilitated access to a GIS database of 1930s-era economic inventory maps for coastal areas of Wisconsin.

Mapping Wisconsin’s Economic History

This publication describes a project that created a digital GIS database and portal of historic “Bordner” maps for the coastal areas of Wisconsin.

An Open Source Web Application for Historic Air Photo Display and Distribution in Wisconsin

This paper describes an effort to build a digital archive and web-based retrieval system for historic air photos for the state of Wisconsin. The University of Wisconsin-Madison has an extensive collection of historic air photos, including a rare 1937-1941 collection that covers almost the entire state.

Wisconsin Historic Landscape Project 2015 Community Forum Report

Report on a series of public forums held in 2015 to gather information on user needs for the Wisconsin Historic Landscape Database. This database was derived from the 1832-1866 General Land Office survey of Wisconsin documenting information about soils, vegetation, cultural features, and wetlands.

Mapping European Settlement in Wisconsin

This study of washington Island was presented by Will Craig at the WLIA (Wisconsin Land Information Association) Fall Regional Conference in Oshkosh in October, 2015. The study focuses on the processes used to collect and map the dates of initial land transfers on Washington Island, Wisconsin.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps Now Online

U.S. Library of Congress expects to have 500,000 historic maps online by 2020.

Historic Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

The Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps are a valuable resource for genealogists, historians, urban planners, teachers or anyone with a personal connection to a community, street or building.  The maps depict more than 12,000 American towns and cities.  They show the size, shape and construction materials of dwellings, commercial buildings, factories and other structures.

Final report published for the Wisconsin Historic Landscape 2015 Community Forum Project

The final report of the Wisconsin Historic Landscape 2015 Community Forum Project is now available for viewing and download.

Study of Washington Island settlement history now available online

A study of the settlement history of Washington Island, Wisconsin, by Will Craig and colleagues is now available as an SCO publication.

Take the Wisconsin Historic Landscape project online survey

An online survey is now available for the Wisconsin Historic Landscape project.