The Foot is Dead! Long Live the Foot!

The National Institute of Standards and Technology and National Geodetic Survey have announced their final decision to deprecate use of the U.S. survey foot.

NIST and NGS delay final determination on deprecation of US Survey Foot

A 90-day extension has been announced on the final determination of the decision to deprecate the US Survey Foot.

NGS delays implementation of reference system modernization plans

The National Geodetic Survey has announced that it is delaying implementation of the modernized National Spatial Reference System.

David Vogel to serve as liaison to surveying and geodetic communities

With Brenda Hemstead’s retirement, David Vogel will become the SCO’s liaison to Wisconsin’s surveying and geodetic communities.

WSRS2022 Task Force looking for additional volunteers

The Wisconsin Spatial Reference System 2022 Task Force (or WSRS2022) is looking for volunteers to fill vacancies on two of its focus groups. Read on if you would like to volunteer or have a recommendation …

County Surveyors Directory

Statewide directory of Wisconsin county surveyors.

Workshop “New Reference Frames, Datums, Measurement Units and Map Projection & Design”

Are you ready to meet the challenges of the new horizontal and vertical datums in 2022?

WSRS2022 and NGS reach compromise on plans for Wisconsin Coordinate Systems

A compromise has been reached with the National Geodetic Survey regarding plans for the Wisconsin’s multi-layer State Plane Coordinate System.

National Geodetic Survey responds to WSRS2022 request for exceptions

The National Geodetic Survey has responded to WSRS2022’s August letter requesting exceptions to accommodate WISCRS.

US Survey Foot to be deprecated on December 31, 2022

A recent Federal Register Notice announces the deprecation of the US Survey Foot by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the National Geodetic Survey.