Project maps Wisconsin’s economic history

A grant from the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program has facilitated access to a GIS database of 1930s-era economic inventory maps for coastal areas of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Historic Landscape Project 2015 Community Forum Report

Report on a series of public forums held in 2015 to gather information on user needs for the Wisconsin Historic Landscape Database. This database was derived from the 1832-1866 General Land Office survey of Wisconsin documenting information about soils, vegetation, cultural features, and wetlands.

Parcelization in rural agricultural and forested landscapes in Wisconsin, 1972–2007

This study, published in the Journal of Land Use Science, examines the social, economic, geographic/biophysical, and regulatory factors underlying parcelization — the subdivision of large landholdings — in rural Wiscosnin over a period of 35 years. Results paint a unique picture of the complex interplay of historic and contemporary parcelization drivers.

Land Use and Land Cover Data

Land cover and land use are often used as interchangeable terms, but each designates a specific type of information.  Land cover designates the vegetation or other type of cover that is on the land (grass, red oak, concrete).  Land use designates the human-derived applications and activities that take place on the land (agriculture, commercial, residential).  There are a variety of state and national products available that map the past and present land cover and/or land use of an area. 

Final report published for the Wisconsin Historic Landscape 2015 Community Forum Project

The final report of the Wisconsin Historic Landscape 2015 Community Forum Project is now available for viewing and download.

Take the Wisconsin Historic Landscape project online survey

An online survey is now available for the Wisconsin Historic Landscape project.

Call for participation in Wisconsin Historic Landscape project

Information on the dates and locations of a series of community forums for the Wisconsin Historic Landscape project.

New project brings historic land use maps into the present

An interesting pilot project looks at the feasibility of bringing selected maps from the Wisconsin Land Economic Inventory (a.k.a., the “Bordner Survey”) into Google Earth.

Light comes to PLSS notes & Bordner surveys

Major historical land records for Wisconsin have appeared on the web recently.