November 27, 2017

Guidelines for obtaining Wisconsin PLSS data.

PLSS Work Group

The PLSS Workgroup was formed by individuals and organizations in Wisconsin to advocate and advance the purpose and importance of the Public Land Survey System. Our goal is to educate and encourage State, County and Municipal agencies in improving, advancing and maintaining the Public Land Survey System statewide.

Survey Monument Maintenance

Surveying relies on physical reference objects placed in the ground. While temporary stakes are what the public may see most often in conjunction with construction work, the enduring reference marks (usually called monuments) are much less prominent. Monuments serve to mark points used for geodetic control networks as well as points used to reference property boundaries. Monuments can take a variety of forms.

PLSS Origins in Wisconsin

The PLSS in Wisconsin was put in place essentially continuously beginning in 1832 and concluding in the north in the 1866. Township boundaries were surveyed first; sections were filled in later.

Final Report, 2015 Surveying-Parcel Forum

August 1, 2017

Report on a public forum entitled, “Aligning County Surveying and Parcel Mapping Efforts in Wisconsin,” hosted by the Wisconsin State Cartographer’s Office on March 12, 2015, at UW-Stevens Point. 

Mapping European Settlement in Wisconsin

This study of washington Island was presented by Will Craig at the WLIA (Wisconsin Land Information Association) Fall Regional Conference in Oshkosh in October, 2015. The study focuses on the processes used to collect and map the dates of initial land transfers on Washington Island, Wisconsin.