Imagery roadshow complete, Webinars up next

We had a lot of great discussions at our imagery user meetings held last week at several locations around the state.  If you couldn’t make one of the meetings, there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved in the Wisconsin Aerial Imagery Business Plan project.

RSVP now for aerial imagery user meetings

Join us at one of five meetings next week to help shape the future aerial imagery in Wisconsin!

Dates set for imagery user meetings

Join us at one of five locations from September 24-28 to discuss the future of aerial imagery in Wisconsin.

SCO aerial photography user survey now available

Help us complete the first major step in developing a statewide aerial imagery business plan.

Project to develop Wisconsin orthophotography business plan moving forward

New SCO-led project seeks to gather input from the Wisconsin geospatial community on past orthoimagery projects, and develop a business plan that makes incremental improvements to the current situation.

SCO and UW-Eau Claire launch “virtual data integration” research project

The State Cartographer’s Office and UW-Eau Claire have launched a research project to examine the feasibility of producing an online multi-county parcel map viewer.

SCO receives FGDC funding for statewide orthophotography planning

A new project planned to begin in the fall of 2011 will identify lessons learned in past Wisconsin orthophotography projects, and then develop a blueprint for a sustainable program that further simplifies imagery acquisitions in Wisconsin.

UW-Madison to digitally archive historic 1937-1941 aerial photographs

UW-Madison has an unparalleled collection of historic aerial photographs including a very rare and nearly-complete collection of the oldest aerial photos of the state, acquired by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) from 1937-1941. A new project at UW-Madison will digitally scan and archive the entire collection, and make the photographs available to the general public via a web portal.

A new Wisconsin Coordinate Reference Systems handbook

An updated and expanded handbook on Wisconsin coordinate reference systems is coming your way! The publication will replace the SCO’s popular Wisconsin Coordinate Systems handbook published in 1995.

SCO investigates web services delivery of Wisconsin geodetic control

Web Feature Services provide a new way to distribute and access spatial data.