Wisconsin Geospatial News

State Highway Map arrives for summer season

The state’s newly revised highway map is now available. Carrying a 2003-04 date, this version is an update of the popular and free highway map which has been produced for years by the WI Dept. of Transportation. Sporting a picture of the states new Governor, Jim Doyle and wife Jessica, the size of the folded version of this new edition has been enlarged by four inches in length to allow space for new, frequently requested information. When folded up, the map remains the same size.

More information on settlements

The increased space was needed for an enlarged index of community place names. On previous editions only incorporated city and village names appeared in the index which now includes all 666 unincorporated places displayed on the map. Within the index, U..S. Census 2000 population figures appear only with the cities and villages.

The additional space has also allowed for the expansion of some insets, notably the Milwaukee area to include Germantown and Mequon, and the addition of two new insets, one for the city of Waukesha and vicinity, and the other a street map of downtown Madison including most of the UW-Madison Campus east to beyond the state capitol. The downtown Madison inset shows the direction of the many one-way streets.

Exit numbers added to map

Perhaps the most notable change is the addition of exit numbers which appear both on the main map in more rural areas and on the larger scale insets of the states major urbanized areas. Shown as red numbers along multilane divided, limited access highways, the numbers represent the posted exit numbers. New communities added to the map include Bellevue and Hobart near Green Bay, Kronenwetter near Wausau, and Silver Cliff in Marinette County. Twelve major highway changes have also been added.

Cet your copy

The DOT printed 1.8 million copies of the folded maps for free distribution, and 5000 copies of a wall map version which measures 36 by 46 inches. The wall map costs $8. For an order form see www.dot.wisconsin.gov/business/publications/roadmap.htm

Single copies of the folded map may be obtained online from the WI Dept. of Tourism at http://www.travelwisconsin.com/search/kits.html Requests for two or more copies of the folded map must be faxed to the DOTs Maps and Publications Sales at 608/246-5632..