Wisconsin Geospatial News

Moyer retires as NGS State Advisor

D. David Moyer, who had a hand in many major developments in land information in Wisconsin, retired on January 9. He held the position of Wisconsin State Geodetic Advisor for the National Geodetic Survey since 1985.

A native of Missouri who received his B.S. and M.S. at the Ohio State University, Moyer came to Wisconsin in 1969 to pursue a PhD in information economics while working for the USDA Economics Research Service.

Along the way, D. David was staff to the Wisconsin Land Records Committee, served on the Dane County Board for 14 years, was president of the Wisconsin Land Information Association and URISA, and organized numerous conferences at the national level.

As a state geodetic advisor trained as an economist (rather than a geodesist), Moyer was an exception to the rule. However, his interest in the benefits streaming from investments in the modernization of land information were critical to work in Wisconsin to upgrade survey networks including the current Height Modernization Program.

We will carry an interview with Moyer in our February 2004 issue of the Wisconsin Mapping Bulletin.