Wisconsin Geospatial News

GIS “working group” proposed

A technology leadership group within the WI Dept. of Administration has proposed the formation of a working group to set the state’s strategic direction in geospatial information (GIS). It is proposed that this group will work in cooperation with the Wisconsin Land Information Board and the Wisconsin Land Council.

As currently envisioned, the GIS Working Group will look at a wide variety of GIS business requirements including federal, state, and local, and then establish a strategy to support those requirements. The working group’s draft charter specifies several deliverables which are identifying and ranking priorities in relation to state agencies’ business needs, and making recommendations on centralization and standardization.

The GIS Working Group is formed under the Information Subcommittee of the Technology Leadership Council (TLC). The TLC is an organization composed of state agency chief information officers, information technology directors from selected agencies, as well as representatives from several counties and professional organizations. The TLC provides policy and strategies that support Wisconsin government’s common business goals.

To learn more about the TLC, and the to keep abreast of changes in the GIS Working Group’s charter, see the following web sites: