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NGS Releases GEOCON & GEOCON11 for Beta Testing

NGS Releases GEOCON and GEOCON11 for Beta Testing

The National Geodetic Survey (NGS) has recently released two related products: GEOCON and GEOCON11. GEOCON allows users to transform their latitutude, longitudes, and ellipsoid heights between NAD 83 (HARN) and NAD 83 (NSRS2007). GEOCON11 performs a similar task between NAD 83 (NSRS2007) and NAD 83 (2011).

In Wisconsin, the described transformation tools perform transformations from NAD 83 (1997) to NAD 83 (2007) to NAD 83 (2011). NGS has promised Wisconsin they will develop a transformation tool that will allow users to transform positions from NAD 83 (1991) to NAD 83 (1997). Work on that is underway at this time and final release is expected by the end of 2013.

Both tools have been released on the NGS Beta Web site for test and evaluation. NGS encourages users to try them and provide feedback so that the final product may be improved prior to official release.

GEOCON and GEOCON11 tools are on the NGS Beta site.

For additional information contact John Ellingson, WI-State Geodetic Advisor.