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GITA Wisconsin hosting upcoming LiDAR seminar

The Wisconsin Chapter of the Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA) is hosting a LiDAR educational seminar on September 24th at the American Transmission Company (ATC) headquarters in Waukesha.  The free seminar runs from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Lunch is included thanks to the generous sponsorship of Ayres Associates and ATC.

Aerial LiDAR – featuring guest presenter from the Dane County Land Information Office. For LiDAR acquired from a fixed-wing aircraft, focus was traditionally placed on developing wide-area topographic mapping. Recent advancements, however, have expanded its use for specialized applications – including inventory of transmission and distribution networks and route selection studies.

Helicopter LiDAR – featuring guest presenter from the American Transmission Company. Helicopter-based LiDAR systems are an important tool for the electrical transmission and distribution industry. These systems are commonly used by electrical engineers to support as-built surveys, line re-ratings, and monitoring of encroachment.

Mobile LiDAR – featuring guest presenter from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Precision measurement from vehicle-mounted LiDAR sensors supports asset management and transportation design. Capable of survey-grade accuracy, this is an efficient means of collecting surface and infrastructure information along corridors.

HD Scanning – featuring guest presenter from the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. A wide array of terrestrial LiDAR scanners are built for specific tasks – including high accuracy 3D drawings of substations, industrial facilities, architecture, and transportation infrastructure.

Anyone interested in attending the free event is asked to RSVP to Thomas Tym at (262) 953-3002.

Source: Wisconsin GITA