Hayden’s Tech Corner – Components for JavaScript SDK!

Some exciting updates from Esri recently with the introduction of Components for the JavaScript SDK. Components simplify the process of developing applications from scratch by consolidating common code patterns into simple HTML tags.

Using Google’s My Maps Tool To Make a Simple Web Map

Google’s My Maps tool is an easy way to make a simple web map. In this posting, My Maps is used to make a web map of unincorporated communities in Kewaunee county.

Explore our new Public Land Survey System Locator app

Do you need to know where you are in the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) network?

Download Wisconsin LiDAR data by the tile using our new interactive tile index

Tiled LiDAR data on Wisconsin View can now be searched spatially and downloaded by the tile.

Analysis of Web-Usage Statistics to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Online Maps for Community Outreach

This study employs Web-usage statistics to assess the effectiveness of the WHAIFinder (Wisconsin Historic Aerial Image Finder) application for meeting community outreach goals.

Using Maps in Web Analytics to Evaluate the Impact of Web Based Extension Programs

This article, published in the Journal of Extension, shows how maps can be used in a Web analytics context to help assess the impact of outreach and Extension programs. The article shows how maps can be generated from Web analytics data using free GIS software.

SCO releases Pronounce Wisconsin, an online pronouncing gazetteer of Wisconsin

Learn how to pronounce Weyauwega, Winneboujou, Nanaweyah Ominihekan, and hundreds of other Wisconsin place names.

DNR Releases Statewide Mapping Application to Address Open Lands Question

Yesterday, in a press release, Governor Scott Walker announced the availability of a new statewide mapping application to help outdoor enthusiasts locate over a million acres of private land that is potentially available for public access under Wisconsin’s Managed Forest Law (MFL) tax status.

Study examines the effectiveness of online maps for community outreach

A recent study by the SCO examines the effectiveness of online maps for meeting community outreach goals. 

New export option in SCO Finder applications

GPX format now available in ControlFinder and PLSSFinder.