Statewide PLSS database to be developed

The V4 Parcel Project will include the collection and aggregation of local Public Land Survey System corner data, culminating in an initial statewide PLSS database.

Project maps Wisconsin’s economic history

A grant from the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program has facilitated access to a GIS database of 1930s-era economic inventory maps for coastal areas of Wisconsin.

Mapping Wisconsin’s Economic History

This publication describes a project that created a digital GIS database and portal of historic “Bordner” maps for the coastal areas of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Historic Landscape Project 2015 Community Forum Report

Report on a series of public forums held in 2015 to gather information on user needs for the Wisconsin Historic Landscape Database. This database was derived from the 1832-1866 General Land Office survey of Wisconsin documenting information about soils, vegetation, cultural features, and wetlands.

Statewide Parcel Project

Announcement of a new collaborative project with the Wisconsin Department of Administration to create Wisconsin’s first statewide digital parcel map to be made publicly available.

Wiscland 2 project complete, data now available

After more than two years of work, new statewide land cover products are now available for download from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

V2 Statewide Parcel Data Now Available

Wisconsin Department of Administration and State Cartographer’s Office release Version 2 Statewide Parcel Map Database for public distribution

Wiscland 2 project moves on to more detailed maps

The Wiscland 2 project is moving forward with more detailed maps after receiving positive feedback on the initial Level 1 product delivery in January.  As the maps get more complex there are new challenges, but the initial results are very promising.

First draft of statewide land cover product delivered to DNR

There is still a lot of work to be done before the final product is finished in the summer of 2016, but initial accuracy results show overall accuracy exceeds 90 percent for this draft product.

Geoprocessing tools now available to assist in submitting data to the Wisconsin Parcel Initiative

The SCO has released a suite of ArcPy tools to handle the most common hurdles to parcel data submission.