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Special Issue of Cartographic Perspectives honors Robinson and Woodward

The Spring 2005 issue of Cartographic Perspectives, the scholarly journal of The North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS), features submissions written about Professors Arthur Robinson and David Woodward. Many of the contributions were made by former students and colleagues. The issue contains personal stories, a history of Cartography as a discipline, and many accounts of the careers and lives of Robinson and Woodward.

One interesting addition to the journal is a pull-out poster that illustrates Arthur Robinson’s academic family tree. Created by Henry Castner, Professor Emeritus at Queens University, the illustration is made up of a series of concentric circles filled with the names of Robinson’s students, and his students’ students. Castner compares the illustration to the impact Robinson had on his students, “Imagine a quiet pond into which a small stone is tossed. The impact of the stone creates a series of concentric waves that radiate out from that point of contact. This seems a fitting metaphor for the life and influence of Arthur Robinson on countless people who are or were fascinated by maps.”