Wisconsin Geospatial News

Wisconsin’s HMP & WISCORS status

WISCORS Status (Active Network)

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Progress towards the completion of the Wisconsin Continuously Operating Reference Stations (WISCORS) Network by the WisDOT Geodetic Survey Unit continues with an additional 20 new CORS stations published since our last update published on February 15, 2012. These permanent GPS sites provide real-time correctors to mobile users.

Sixty-four (64) CORS sites in Wisconsin are now operational. CORS stations have been recently added in Northern, Central and Southwestern Wisconsin. Eleven (11) CORS are planned for construction throughout West-Central Wisconsin during 2012 with five CORS remaining to be built in 2013. Routine server maintenance is scheduled to take place the 3rd Sunday of each month and work along the borders to partner with neighboring states is planned to begin after the initial development work is complete in 2013.

These stations can be accessed using ControlFinder or from WisDOT’s Web site.



WI-HMP Status (Passive Network)

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WisDOT is currently using contractors and consultants for much of the work involved in the WI-Height Modernization Program (WI-HMP) including Recon, building the monuments, acquiring GPS and leveling data, processing, analyzing, and bluebooking all positions with the National Geodetic Survey (NGS).

Phases 1-8A totals 42,592 square miles and have been completed. Mark maintenance is an ongoing activity and data for these stations can be retrieved from ControlFinder or from NGS’s Web site.

Phase 7C has completed the installation of 210 new geodetic survey monuments, 20 disks set in structures, and guard posts for existing monumentation. Geodetic leveling and GPS surveys are currently underway and scheduled for completion for fall 2012.

Phase 8B has completed the installation of 204 new geodetic survey monuments with Recon under way for additional monument construction in the fall of 2012. Leveling and GPS surveys to be conducted in 2013.

Phase 8 has completed the mark recovery of NGS bench marks.

These stations can be accessed from ControlFinder or from NGS’s Web site.