New statewide imagery now available from WisconsinView

Two much-anticipated statewide imagery datasets are now available from the data portal.

Statewide 18-inch imagery available this summer

New imagery dataset developed from 2010 WROC flights expected to be online by mid to late July.

Problems with Wisconsin NAIP leads to reprocessing

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Aerial Photography Field Office is currently in the process of correcting some color issues with the statewide National Agriculture Imagery Program data collected over Wisconsin in 2010. 

SCO receives FGDC funding for statewide orthophotography planning

A new project planned to begin in the fall of 2011 will identify lessons learned in past Wisconsin orthophotography projects, and then develop a blueprint for a sustainable program that further simplifies imagery acquisitions in Wisconsin.

2010 NAIP imagery now available from WisconsinView

MrSID-format mosaics are now available as a free download for all 72 Wisconsin counties.

Select NAIP imagery available through NRCS, images need tweaking

Imagery for 12 Wisconsin counties is now available through the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Geospatial Data Gateway. On first glance, the images may need a bit of enhancement to improve their appearance.

NAIP imagery begins trickling into state, program continues to evolve

The 2010 flying season for the National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) is complete, and some data are already beginning to flow into the state Farm Service Agency (FSA) office in Madison.

2010 NAIP flights making headway, IR band to be included

For the first time in Wisconsin, users will have access to a fourth near-infrared band as part of the popular federal imagery program.

New WROC publication answers questions on statewide ortho product

The Wisconsin Regional Orthophotography Consortium’s latest “FAQ” explains the key specifications of a statewide 18-inch resolution orthophoto product expected during the summer of 2011.

Statewide airphoto project highlighted on WPR

Earlier today Wisconsin Public Radio aired a story on the statewide aerial photography project led by the Wisconsin Regional Orthophoto Consortium.