Introducing PLSSFinder

Designed as a central point of access for locating Wisconsin Public Land Survey System (PLSS) corner information, “PLSSFinder” is now online and available for public access.

ESRI offers ArcIMS map projections podcast

A new ESRI audio podcast aims to help you sort out common projection problems with ArcIMS, and why you should consider adding projection information to your web mapping services.

Census data made easy with Wisconsin GetFacts

A new online mapping application developed by the UW-Madison Applied Population Lab is a great tool for interactively visualizing and downloading TIGER and U.S. Census Bureau population data for Wisconsin.

Looking for geodetic control? Check out ControlFinder

Several new features have been added to the SCO’s online web application for locating geodetic control.

New USDA service brings soil surveys to the web

The Web Soil Survey provides the same soil data previously available in print, now in an interactive online format.

SCO investigates web services delivery of Wisconsin geodetic control

Web Feature Services provide a new way to distribute and access spatial data.

New maps show upgraded air monitoring information on the Internet

WI-DNR site uses ArcIMS technology to distribute air quality data

Contents of SCO’s ControlFinder grow

Access to geodetic control across Wisconsin is improving, one county at a time. Traffic Information for the Marquette Interchange Project

The Marquette Interchange site rises above the controversy and uses geographic information technology to help travelers find their way in the Milwaukee area.

Original Wisconsin plat maps now available online

The Board of Commissioners of Public Lands in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin library system now provides online access to the original notebooks and plat maps from the first land survey of Wisconsin.