SCO and UW-Eau Claire launch “virtual data integration” research project

The State Cartographer’s Office and UW-Eau Claire have launched a research project to examine the feasibility of producing an online multi-county parcel map viewer.

Mobile apps hot at Minnesota GIS/LIS conference

As if there was any doubt, mobile GIS is here to stay.

WHAIFinder project receives Governor’s award for innovation

The “Changing Landscapes of Wisconsin” project, under which the Wisconsin Historic Aerial Image Finder was developed, has been awarded the 2011 Governor’s Award for Archival Innovation.

SCO launches new versions of Finder applications

The Wisconsin State Cartographer’s Office recently launched new versions of its popular ControlFinder and PLSSFinder applications.

Madison firm to market geo-enabled health technology

 A Madison firm is scheduled to release a GPS-enabled asthma inhaler that promises to improve understanding of disease triggers.

New UW project will develop a Wisconsin Coastal Atlas

The University of Wisconsin Sea Grant College Program is sponsoring a new project at UW-Madison that will develop a geospatial data portal for coastal areas in Wisconsin.

Street View lands in southern Wisconsin

Google’s sometimes controversial street-level photography recently made its debut in the Milwaukee and Madison areas.

Loopt tackles location

How many times have you overheard a cell phone conversation begin with “Where ya at?” A small California company is attempting to solve that problem.

UW-Madison to digitally archive historic 1937-1941 aerial photographs

UW-Madison has an unparalleled collection of historic aerial photographs including a very rare and nearly-complete collection of the oldest aerial photos of the state, acquired by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) from 1937-1941. A new project at UW-Madison will digitally scan and archive the entire collection, and make the photographs available to the general public via a web portal.

Digital Wetlands now part of DNR Web mapping tool

The Surface Water Data Viewer provides a window into Wisconsin DNR water-related data holdings, including the Wisconsin Wetlands Inventory.