WisconsinView brings NAIP photography to the Web

2004 color aerial photography now available for 34 Wisconsin counties

WisconsinView to establish image archive – and more

Wisconsin’s citizens will soon have access to satellite images under a new cooperative initiative.

2004 National Agriculture Imagery Programs

FSA flies majority of state in color leaf-on imagery.

County and municipal ortho projects pressing forward in 2005

An unprecedented number of ortho projects were flown this spring. Vendors are working to hard to have imagery ready later this year.

USDA program flying statewide color orthophotos in 2005

Planes are in the air now for the USDA National Aerial Imagery Program (NAIP). The summer “leaf-on” color imagery will have a one meter spatial resolution.

Update on digital orthophoto QA/QC workshop

Digital orthophoto quality assessment workshop is tentatively scheduled for October in La Crosse.

Preliminary Planning for Digital Orthophoto QA/QC Workshop Underway

A small committee is exploring the possibility of holding a digital orthophoto quality assessment workshop later this year.

Aerial and satellite photo options expanding

Over the past decade digital aerial images have become the basemap de rigueur for a geographic information system (GIS).